About Mark

Mark McGeever is the Liberal Democrats’ candidate to be the Member of Parliament for Rutherglen and Hamilton West. Mark is well known in the constituency as he represents its Hamilton West & Earnock ward on South Lanarkshire Council.

First elected in May 2017, Councillor McGeever has worked to provide effective but constructive opposition to the minority SNP administration, believing in cross-party working in the interests of local communities.

He introduced – and gained unanimous support for – a new policy enhancing the support available to veterans living in South Lanarkshire, including the creation of a guaranteed interview scheme for ex-servicemen and ex-servicewomen seeking employment with the council.

Mark has also prioritised support for town centres, measures to make the council more transparent and responsive, the protection of education and social services from cuts, and maintaining local roads.

Now living in South Lanarkshire with his wife and daughter, Mark grew up in Clydebank on the edge of Glasgow City. He went to university in Paisley and studied at the Open University and at Strathclyde University in Glasgow. Before entering politics he worked as a media officer for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service in Hamilton.

A former Conservative parliamentary candidate, Mark joined the Liberal Democrats in July 2019 – the day immediately after Boris Johnson’s appointment as prime minister. Criticising the Tories’ abandonment of liberal values and their decision to embrace right wing politics, he was one of the first elected representatives in the UK to move to the Liberal Democrats during that realignment of British politics.

Mark spoke out against the Conservatives’ selection of a leader who had a long history of using racist, Islamophobic, misogynistic and homophobic language. He stated that the Liberal Democrats stood apart from other parties as the natural home to everyone who believes in liberal and progressive policies, and who wants to see both Scotland in the UK and the UK in the EU.

Mark strongly criticised Conservative attempts to undermine parliamentary democracy and the rule of law. He also spoke out against their reluctance to extend marriage equality and women’s rights to Northern Ireland, their adoption of nationalist and populist rhetoric, and their failure to properly handle cases where British citizens are suspected of terrorist activity overseas.


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