Hamilton Home Care Improvement Order

Hamilton West & Earnock’s Councillor Mark McGeever said the Care Inspectorate’s “serious concerns” require urgent attention from the council’s administration and most senior officers.

The inspectorate served a formal Improvement Notice on Hamilton Home Care.

Cllr McGeever, the deputy leader of the opposition Liberal Democrats Group, said: “The Care Inspectorate’s findings are deeply worrying.

“When inspectors order immediate action to address ‘serious concerns’ there can be no doubt things have gone badly wrong.

“It is completely unacceptable for vulnerable residents and their families to be badly let down. Fixing these issues demands the urgent attention of the council’s political administration as well as the most senior appointed officers.

“From my dealings with the council’s care teams I know the staff are absolutely dedicated to helping their service users.

“It’s crucial they have the support and resources needed to do their jobs and deliver the professional, high-quality service they care so deeply about providing.”

He continued: “As an opposition councillor I would expect all elected members should very quickly get a detailed report showing us what specific things are being done to resolve the problems.

“The Inspectorate is absolutely correct to insist everyone is entitled to safe and compassionate care that respects their rights and meets their needs.

“Elected representatives have to get answers, demand changes and make sure people really can trust that they and their loved ones will get exactly that.”

The improvement notice is available here: http://bit.ly/HamiltonHomeCare.

It has ordered immediate action to ensure those leading the service have the skills, knowledge and experience to do so, demanding additional management is provided until this is the case.

It also requires all staff be able to identify when someone may be at risk from harm or abuse, and that they comply with Adult Support and Protection policy and procedures. 

A statement by the Care Inspectorate can be viewed at https://www.careinspectorate.com/index.php/news/5478-press-release-hamilton-home-care.

Anyone with a concern can contact the Care Inspectorate helpline on 0345 600 9527.