Council must treat climate crisis seriously: Mark McGeever & Liberal Democrats force change.

LIBERAL Democrat councillors successfully persuaded the council to treat the climate crisis seriously and finally create a full Climate Change Committee.

It will oversee action to tackle worsening climate change. The Liberal Democrats are now pressing for dedicated funding to support action on the environment.

Local councillor Mark McGeever is deputy leader of South Lanarkshire’s Liberal Democrat group. He said: “In cross-party talks ahead of the budget we are making clear the climate emergency is a major priority.

“It isn’t enough to talk about climate change. The Council needs to fund substantial action on things which will make a local difference.

“This means tackling flooding – not cutting the funding for it. It means actually meeting record recycling targets, and supporting more electric vehicles.

“Year after year the SNP Government slash funding for local services. We hope this year will finally be different, but whatever happens Liberal Democrat councillors will insist South Lanarkshire’s minority SNP administration properly funds key areas like the environment, schools and community care.”